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On this 20 year anniversary,

new proposal from Kowloon Gate development team.

Experience the WORLD BEYOND from 20 years back there— A DIVED IN theme park!

The town and people changing time to times, walking through the nostalgic space whenever you want.

A new non-game VR experience.

At the PlayStation® version where we can’t move freely now renewal with the latest technology available to play-through the space in REAL TIME!


Spirit Photography

Trace the memory of the album with the old picture as a clue.

PC念写 SP念写

Picking up peeled shrimp

You collect peeled shrimp, unlock the new events.

psむきエビ spむきエビ


You can see the guys who had appeared in the original Kowloon's Gate.

Swiper01 Swiper01
Swiper02 Swiper02
Swiper03 Swiper03
Swiper04 Swiper04
Swiper05 Swiper05
Swiper06 Swiper06
Swiper07 Swiper07
Swiper08 Swiper08
Swiper09 Swiper09
Swiper10 Swiper10
Swiper11 Swiper11
Swiper12 Swiper12
Swiper13 Swiper13
Swiper14 Swiper14
Swiper15 Swiper15


Genre Adventure
GameConsole PlayStation®4 (Supported PlayStationVR)
Player Single

※The photo was taken when the product was still under development.
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Notes on playing VR content

■Please carefully read the "Health and safety precautions" written in the PlayStation®VR instruction manual and the commentary on the game software, and follow the instructions for use.

■While playing VR content, you will not be able to check the actual surroundings. In order to prevent an accident caused by falling or contact, please clean up the surrounding things in advance. In addition, please be careful not to let small children or pets come into the surroundings while playing.

■If you feel sick during play or if you feel anomalous, please stop playing immediately. If you do not feel well, please consult your doctor.


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